conteneurDrop-off Containers

There are many different brands and models of drop-off containers. sigrenEa software takes into account all forms of containers, which are modeled in the database. The application therefore has real-time information on the dimensions of containers used, their shape, handling method, type (free-standing, semi-underground, underground) as well as the flow of waste they take in. sigrenEa’s experience and powerful learning algorithms mean that clients can now choose to equip all or part of their container fleets with sensors, while maintaining optimum service levels.

mini-conteneursMini Containers

Conteneur pour cartouches d'encre

The increasing number of recycling channels brought about by Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is leading to increasing numbers of drop-off waste container types and models. The collection of WEEE, infectious medical waste, batteries and ink cartridges are all examples of this trend and require the use of small containers or specially designed units. sigrenEa has developed a sensor model particularly suited for use with small containers.

conteneur textileTextiles Containers

conteneur textile

The collection of clothing is often linked with a social purpose and supported employment schemes. However, the collection of clothing for reuse as part of a circular economy is becoming increasingly professionalized and professionals estimate that resources are significantly underexploited. There are between 25 and 30,000 clothes collection bins in France and sigrenEa has developed a sensor specifically for this type of container. When placed inside a clothes collection bin it regularly communicates the level and enables collection pick-ups to be dispatched at the right time.



Waste compactors, used in the areas of distribution, industry and tourism, are huge waste containers in which waste is compacted (cardboard packaging for example) in order to reduce transport costs. Remote surveillance of compactors (mobile or stationary) enables machine waste levels and operating status indicators to be monitored in real time. Additionally, a GPS option enables movements to be tracked (the compaction container on a stationary compactor or a mobile compactor as a whole).

compacteursOpen Skips

Benne ouvert

It is estimated that there are approximately 100,000 waste skips, also known as open skips (measuring between 5 and 30 m3), in France. It is vital for waste collectors to be able to locate these skips and sigrenEa offers the first economically viable service solution for this type of equipment.

cuve liquideIndustrial Waste Liquid Tanks

Cuve liquide industrielle

Many industries use storage tanks (underground or otherwise) to collect used industrial fluids. sigrenEa has developed a level measurement sensor for liquid applications. It enables monitoring of the tank’s level and temperature. ATEX certification, expected for the beginning of 2015, will also enable this function to be performed in explosive atmospheres (oil, petrol tanks, etc.)

qualité triSorting Quality

In industrial environments, the need to monitor levels is often linked with the need to monitor the quality of sorting for clients involved in an environmental or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. In order to respond to this expectation, sigrenEa develops customized solutions to meet industrial requirements.