collectivitesLocal Authorities

Many local authorities now place their trust in us. We work with them either directly or indirectly and offer our drop-off waste collection solutions, with assistance from the setting up of containers to the planning of collection rounds.

When they are responsible for waste management and perform collection with their own resources, they pay particular attention to savings generated by the implementation of sigrenEa’s solutions and the ease-of-use of tools provided to ensure the smooth running of collection operations. They can therefore offer residents impeccable service quality at a lowest cost.

When they are responsible for waste management and perform collection

When setting up or updating drop-off container fleets, they increasingly seek the introduction of complementary services such as level measurement and/or access control with a view to incentive pricing / fees. sigrenEa naturally offers these solutions for container manufacturers.

sigrenEa therefore works directly with local authorities or through collection service providers and container manufacturers.

A few references: the towns of Tours, Chinon, Orléans, Colombes…


While remaining focused on waste-related expertise, sigrenEa develops specific applications for major industrial players that use new collection, centralization and information-processing technologies. All types of waste are covered.

A few references : Total, Airbus, Orange…

partenairesPartner Clients

Here at sigrenEa, we firmly believe that we can continuously improve our service offering through regular discussion with our clients. To take this idea further, we have introduced a partner client program that involves regular and formal discussions, in order to identify specific needs and share changes to the services we offer with clients. Our partner clients therefore enjoy exclusive previews of improvements made to our offering and are involved in our continuous improvement process.

For more information, consult the partner client program