What savings can be made with sigrenEa solutions?

Quelles économies réaliser avec les solutions sigrenEa

Les paramètres pouvant engendrer des économies sont nombreux, l’un d’entre est néanmoins significatif de la performance de la collecte.

See the results achieved by one of sigrenEa’s clients.

Before setting up of the sigrenEa solution :
Average level of waste in containers before emptying : 48%

After setting up of the sigrenEa solution and only two months of operation :
Average level of waste in containers before emptying : 75%


We can observe significant levels of reduction for several items

  • Number of container emptying trips -27%
  • Number of kilometers travelled -19%
  • Time spent -23%
  • CO2 emissions : -39%
  • Truck maintenance costs -18%
  • Container maintenance -22%
  • Number of overflows (and user complaints) -95%


The cost of drop-off collection is reduced and the quality of service provided to residents is considerably improved.
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