Our vision is a container that can produce information in a number of ways. Why settle for a single sensor when multiple information sources can complement each other.

sigrenEa is continually increasing the number of its information sources and manages ever bigger and more complex data, in order to cross-check information and make it more reliable.

After becoming a key Internet of Things player in the area of waste, sigrenEa successfully made the leap to Big Data in order to bring services of unequaled quality and precision.


application concretePractical Applications

We are located in an association of municipalities in the mountains, which has greatly expanded its fleet of drop-off containers, to the point where it has now completely phased out door-to-door collections. Assisted by sigrenEa, it has focused efforts on communication with residents and is looking to create the maximum value from their responsible actions.

application concrete ANG

Here is an example of a drop-off point that covers three waste flows (packaging, glass and residual household waste)

1 THE PACKAGING CONTAINER is equipped with a telemetry sensor that reports the level of waste twice a day, in order to optimize collections and avoid overflows.
2 A RESIDENT, who has just dropped off some glass in a neighboring container, notices that waste has been left at the foot of the packaging container; he takes a photo of it and simply sends it to the sigrenEa platform, which automatically triggers an alert to local authority.
3 FOR THE GLASS CONTAINER, sigrenEa did not recommend the use of a level sensor, as its location and environment generate a flow that is steady enough for us to model. The aEner’COM application can therefore be used as a replacement for the level sensor to provide

an excellent level of reliability, which improves over time (with a self-learning program).

4 FOR RESIDUAL HOUSEHOLD WASTE, local authority has introduced an incentive pricing scheme with access control. sigrenEa provided assistance during the initial phases as well as with the communication essential for the success of a project of this type. Users are provided with an ID badge or token in the form of a key holder to access the container and drop off their residual household waste bags. The system regularly sends back information and makes it possible both to record residents’ activities and measure container waste levels.

5 Finally, given the tourist nature of the mountain resort, the application integrates EXTERNAL DATA, such as ski season dates, in order to optimize daily waste level forecasts.

All of this information is available in a single online app, which local authorities can share with their various partners, such as collection service providers. All information is collected in a simple and transparent manner for the user, and is presented in an easy-to-understand and practical format to match individual profiles and needs.

conteneurContainers in a Smart City

A smart city involves a great number of professions and covers vast areas of information. The infrastructure and deployment costs of a real smart city make this concept a medium-term vision, to which sigrenEa intends to contribute by focusing on the development of its expertise in the waste management business.