aEner’com Suite


The aEner’COM software suite is recognized by professionals as the most powerful and ergonomic on the market. Scalable: upgrade your service pack at any time to match your needs. No commitment: scale your software suite up or down with just a few clicks.

Overview of Our Solutions



The fast solution to set up an overflow protection system or manage collection rounds for a relatively small number of containers. You set the waste level threshold above which level sensors send you an email alert. React instantly to dispatch assistance or integrate emergencies into your collection rounds.



Access the User Interface on your Web browser with an ID and password and view a map showing the location of your entire fleet of containers (whether equipped with sensors or not). A color code enables you to immediately identify waste levels and with a single click you can access all container data, with a waste level history, dashboard and more. Enjoy constant access to reports that can be generated instantly.



Gain access to a professional collection-round planning tool. Manage your collection areas, flows, equipment and human resources and, with waste level forecast data, you can plan your activity over a period of several days. Thanks to powerful calculation algorithms, this business application learns from its history logs and leaves you free to adjust rounds according your knowledge of the field.

aEner’ACS (Incentive Pricing / Access Control System)


You are introducing an Incentive Pricing or Incentive Fee scheme. Now you can have an identification system and access management module to implement user charges. Combined with our range of access control equipment, you have a complete drop-off container management solution at your disposal. Additionally, thanks to its counter system, access control equipment enables household waste container levels to be assessed and automatically feeds data to the modules aEner’VISU and / or aEner’COLLECT.

aEner’WSO (Waste Sorting Optimizer)


aEner’WSO is a custom-developed application designed to meet your needs and enable the qualification of sorting by a collection or sorting service provider. It is an effective coordination tool that helps to motivate generators of waste in urban or industrial environments.

Overview of Our Solutions